Eclipse Forensics located in St. Augustine, Fl. is a State of the Art Audio, Video, and Digital facility specializing in forensics. Our team can quickly and accurately process your sources to yield the best results.

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Eclipse Forensics: Audio, Video, Digital & Data Forensic Services

Our Forensic Team is led by Jim Stafford with 40 years of engineering experience.

Jim began forensic work assisting Florida's 7th Circuit Homicide Investigation Unit with the Justin Barber case in 2005. That case, and Jim's work, were presented nationally on network and cable television.

Since then we have worked on hundreds of forensic cases for numerous law enforcement agencies, private attorneys and individuals.

Eclipse Forensics: is Certified in forensic audio, forensic video, and data forensic operations.

Eclipse Forensics can assist with:
  • • Audio Enhancement
  • • Audio Authentication
  • • Video Enhancement
  • • Video Authentication
  • • Redaction
  • • Computer Forensics Analysis and Data Recovery
  • • Cell Phone Mobile Device Forensics Analysis and Data Recovery
  • • E-Discovery
  • • Data Recovery Locate Crucial Evidence in Deleted Data SMS Text Messages, Emails, and Documents
  • • Expert Witness Testimony
  • • Incident Response

Eclipse Forensics is a division of the Eclipse Recording Company